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November 5, 2020

Easy Retirement Calculator with Great Visuals

How Much Is Enough?

A common question for those who are within 5 years of retirement is "have we saved enough?" The concern is being able to maintain one's current lifestyle without having to worry about running out of money in retirement. The retirement budget calculator can help you make a more informed retirement decision. Click here to try it for FREE.

A popular rule of thumb to determine if you have saved enough to retire is to multiply your annual spending by 25. Another way of calculating the safe withdrawal rate is to multiply your investment portfolio by 4% to determine how much you could withdrawal from your investments over a 30 year retirement. Click here to learn more about the 4% rule.

The retirement budget calculator provides you with two benchmarks, your secure income score, which measures how much of your lifetime expenses are covered from secure income sources such as social security and pensions. It also calculates your withdrawal rate so you can see if your investment portfolio withdrawal rate is in a range that is considered "Safe" as you prepare for and transition into retirement.

The retirement calculator is focused on the most important parts of retirement which are your spending, savings and life expectancy. By understanding how much you spend, how much you have saved, and how long you will live, it becomes easier to make projections and to calculate scenarios to see if you will run out of money in retirement.

The retirement budget calculator looks at your spending, net worth and life expectancy and then displays the data with visually appealing charts so that you can evaluate your retirement cash-flow plan on a year by year basis.

The calculator includes great visuals which can help you see if your retirement is on track. It is an easy way to create a retirement plan without having to build a complex spreadsheet. Using the retirement calculator can help you determine if you have saved enough to retire with confidence. Sign up for free and give it a try.

"Love the budget calculator! Great retirement tool! "

~ David

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