Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of Retirement Budget Calculator?

    Retirement Budget Calculator offers both a free and a premium level subscription. The free level provides basic retirement budgeting and asset tracking. The premium subscription, at $9.95/month or $95/year, adds advanced features that allow you to see your retirement status at a glance as well as detailed views to help answer the question, "Do I have enough money for retirement?"
  • Do you save my data?

    We save the data you input so that it is always available on the Retirement Budget Calculator report (for your benefit). However we never save your credit card information and never ask for sensitive account password or account numbers.
  • Do I ever put in account numbers or passwords to my bank accounts?

    We do not ask you for banking passwords or account numbers. The Retirement Budget Calculator is a platform to help you develop a budget in retirement.
  • Is Retirement Budget Calculator easy to use?

    Very easy to use! We modeled it after spreadsheet programs, but do all the hard calculations for you so that you don't have to. Just dive in!
  • Who else can see my data?

    Only you can see your data (after you Sign In with your username and password). We do not share your data with anyone.
  • Is my data secure and safe?

    Yes! We use state-of-the-art encryption along with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt your browser session. We recommend that you maintain anti-virus on your computer along with anti-malware software.
  • What other features can I expect for in the future?

    We are working on a road map for v2 and v3 to include additional features that will make your retirement better. We would love to hear from you! Email Support and let us know what features you would like to see in future releases.
  • Where can I learn more about the Retirement Budget Calculator?

    YouTube King 5 News
  • What are people saying about the Retirement Budget Calculator?

    "My wife and I worked part time in 2017 and will "officially" quit in 2018. Your calculator is "by far" (!) the best I have seen and had decided to purchase it to help me make my road (to/and in) retirement more of a function of calculated and informed info rather than just a whim or wish.

    After working for the past 50 years I didn't want to "leave this up to chance".

    Your software is one very important Key to the retirement process.

    Once again, thanks!"

    ~ Keith

    "I had the chance to play around today with the RBC. I have to say, you've done a great job! My wife and I worked with it for a few hours this morning and everything worked perfect. Keep up the good work."

    ~ Shane

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